Is your blind going to be installed within the recess or external fit above the window?

(LTT) If possible measure with a metal tape measure for accuracy

Measuring recessed blinds

(a) Width across top of recess

(b) Width across middle of recess

(c) With across bottom of recess

(d) Drop from top of recess to sill (Left)

(e) Drop from top of recess to sill (right)

We measure the width at 3 points. Walls are rarely perfectly straight and particularly with recessed blinds it is ultra- important to have accurate measurements.

The smallest measurement must be used to allow the blind to pull up and down smoothly. Use the largest and the blind will likely not fit at points, which is a lot of work for a blind you can’t end up using. ARGH.!

You may wish to take the width in slightly. This will give you a grace either side of your blind. I would advise bringing in upto 1cm (giving you 5mm grace either side from your smallest measurement). Remember however, the greater the gap at the sides, the greater the light saturation will be.

Trim or no trim??

How does this effect your measurements?

On a recessed blind it does! Remember it is the bottom of your trim that will be the finished drop of the blind so once down the trim sits perfectly on the sill. This however does mean you will get light saturation coming through the trim. Perhaps not an ideal choice for a blackout bedroom blind and in this instance if using a trim you may wish to opt for an outside recess installation.